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Sometimes the best way to describe something is to describe it’s exact opposite. Think of a recent trip you made to your favorite Super Center or Home Improvement store. odds are that there were far more check-out lines CLOSED than open. There were plenty of customers in line, but not enough people checking them out. When the cash registers are there but not being used, this is an example of underutilization.

The measurement of utilization is a tremendous tool to those of us in the equipment business. For most equipment owners, deployment, productivity, and utilization are synonymous with profitability. Gone are the days when the average contractor can have back up machines sitting around in case a production machine goes down. Machines have to be on the job, working, and working efficiently. This brings us to Value Drive #5.


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Value Driver #5:


One definition of Utilization is the primary method by which asset performance is measured and business success determined. Purchase or rental decisions are made based on the percentage of utilization our customers experience with their equipment. In turn, when a machine is down, it is now underutilized as it is not in the production environment. How can we help our customers maintain a high level of utilization?


EM Solutions Level 5


Manage delivers proactive equipment management so our customers can concentrate on their job and their bottom line.

When the management of our customer’s fleet is turned over to the capable technicians of Thompson Tractor, they are not just buying services from a maintenance shop but are getting the expertise and resources of a global leader.

  • Reducing unscheduled repairs and downtime.
  • Ensuring fixed operating and maintenance costs, which enable better business planning.
  • Getting world-class service from factory-trained technicians who know the equipment better than anyone.
  • Partnering with Thompson Tractor will optimize fleet performance, availability and lifecycle planning.

In other words, we treat it like we own it. If it needs attention, it gets it. If it needs to be repaired, it gets done quickly, efficiently and correctly. Whether they own one or one thousand, Thompson Tractor is the partner our customers look to for total equipment management.