Time Management

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National Oil and Lube News or NOLN reported that quick lube stores in the US exceeded annual revenues of 9 billion dollars in 2011. Yes, that is Billion with a B. Can you even remember a time when there were no such places as Express Oil Change, Jiffy Lube or Walmart Tire and Lube Express? I can, and if you are like me, the first time you saw one of these establishments you may have doubted the validity of their existence because of how easy it is to change your own oil. Sure you can get your oil changed and a 20 point inspection in less than 10 minutes, what’s the big deal? The thing I lacked at the time was perspective and the realization that the world was changing and people were changing along with it. People began to realize their time is valuable and were willing to pay for someone else to make their life easier. Like the customers of Express Oil Change, our customers value their time and measure it very carefully. We provide what many of them either do not want to do or cannot do themselves. This brings us to value driver 4 and solutions level 4.

Time Management

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Value Driver #4:

Time Management

In his book The 7 habits of highly effective people, Stephen Covey popularized the four quadrants of time management.

  • Quadrant 1 - Urgent and Important      (Crises or Emergencies)
  • Quadrant 2 - Important but not Urgent      (Planning, Prevention, Improvement)
  • Quadrant 3 - Not Important but Urgent      (Interruptions)
  • Quadrant 4 - Not Important and not Urgent      (Time Wasters)

The reality is that most people spend the majority of their time with Urgent issues. The issues could be important or not but they have now become an emergency. This is a good indicator that they did not spend enough time on the important before they became urgent. How do we at Thompson Tractor help our customers operate in Quadrant 2, arguably the most productive of all time management?

Time Management

EM Solutions Level 4


Support lets our customers concentrate on operating their business while Thompson handles the preventive maintenance services. These are scheduled and planned at the customer’s convenience and provided by the qualified technicians of Thompson Tractor.

  • Planned preventive maintenance (PM) is a key contributor to improved equipment availability and lower operating costs.
  • We will utilize the equipment service meter hours from VisionLink® to track, schedule, and manage the equipment maintenance so our customers don’t have to.
  • We will know when service is due and will schedule a timely and convenient PM service that works for our customers.
  • No need to manage maintenance parts inventories; Thompson will provide required PM parts and manage the disposal of waste oil and filters to comply with environmental regulations.
  • Proper equipment maintenance and service history can increase equipment resale value.
  • While customers focus on their business, Thompson will perform all the scheduled preventive maintenance for them.
  • At regular intervals our customers will receive a detailed, walk-around inspection from a trained Caterpillar technician.
  • Customers will receive informative reports on their equipment.

With Level 4: Support, our customers can leave the details to us and concentrate on managing their business, not their maintenance.