Risk Mitigation

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Even the most self-sufficient customers are looking diligently for someone to give them a helping hand. Someone to know their business and be willing to speak up and offer help when needed.

I was getting into my truck the other day when a complete stranger shouted “Hey buddy, did you know you have a flat tire?” Luckily for me, I had enough air in the tire to drive to the first shop and get it repaired. At first, I was completely frustrated, but very soon became quite thankful that someone had looked out for me. This kept me from spending more money than needed and certainly saved a ton of additional frustration.

Imagine that you are the customer and operating on a job with a very tight time line and budget. You get the call from an employee that a machine has gone down and is no longer operating. Your first thought could be of the money you are losing as a result of the lost production, but then recall that you have already planned for this thanks to your partners at Thompson Tractor. This brings us to Value driver 3 and solution level 3.

Maintenance and Health Management

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Value Driver #3:

Risk Mitigation

Being able to track equipment, comply with regulations and operate assets safely are only a few of the risks associated with equipment management. Costly repairs, equipment and employee downtime add to lost production and increased financial risk.

Maintenance and Health Management

EM Solutions Level 3


  • Thompson Tractor is the source for expert recommendations related to the health of your equipment.
  • Expert analysis and interpretation of information can identify potential failures.
  • Experts recommend planned maintenance and repair to help avoid expensive, unplanned downtime.
  • Interpretation of event and diagnostic codes help identify training needs and improve operator performance.
  • Cat S.O.S℠ fluid analysis services provides detailed information on fluid condition, contamination, component wear, and more to identify potential problems.

How do we propose to manage all of this data and what if anything has changed?

Our CSA group in Birmingham is getting a new home. We are currently under construction building a state of the art facility to house our systems and personnel. Thompson Tractor’s goal is to be the flagship dealer for EMSolutions and this facility will allow us to represent the company and the brand to our customers in a more professional manner. For a sneak peak at what the final product will look like, click on the link below for a virtual walk through.
Click here for virtual walk through

Week 3 competition is NAME THAT ROOM. We want to draw upon the creative talents of our employees to come up with a fitting name for our new equipment monitoring facility. The first person to submit the name that is chosen will win an iPad mini. Just to get you started here are some examples. These particular names will not be submitted, but hopefully you get the idea.

  • The Millennium Falcon
  • Starfleet Command
  • Spaceship Earth
  • The aquarium
  • Enterprise One

With this state of the art facility come’s the ability to bring customers in throughout the life cycle of their equipment and show them what is going on behind the scenes. When they see first-hand that someone is watching out for them, it will be almost impossible for them to want to do business somewhere else.

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