Module 1 Maintenance and Health Management

Did you know?

Some of the best marketing slogans in the past 30 years have come from an aftermarket automobile products company called Fram. The brand is noted for its trademarked bright orange color, its black "SureGrip" coating on the filter dome, and for its famous marketing slogan, "You can pay me now, or pay me later". This is usually presented as being uttered in a tv commercial by an auto mechanic, who is explaining to his customer that he can either pay a small sum now for the replacement of oil and filter or a far larger sum later for the replacement of the vehicle's engine. Another popular slogan is "Before you slam it, FRAM it". Fram’s newest and equally inspiring slogan is “Your Oil Protects Your Engine, But What’s Protecting Your Oil?”

The very simple idea of these campaigns resides around the fact that managing and planning for your costs on the front end, can keep you from suffering waste and experience major expenses later on. Value driver #1 spoke to Maintenance & Health Management, and we will now explore Value driver #2.

Maintenance and Health Management

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Value Driver #2:

Cost Control & Avoidance

Controlling budgets, managing fuel consumption, tracking owning and operating costs are difficult at best without a good process. Vision Link Reports will provide very accurate data on each of these items as well as help the customer have a more efficient billing process. How does this work?

Maintenance and Health Management

EM Solutions Level 2


Inform is a proactive solution that helps our customers see the value of electronic telematic information the equipment provides by utilizing the Cat® Product Link™ technology and VisionLink® application.

INFORM is an automated monthly report provided by the local Cat dealer containing health and utilization trends with benchmark comparisons against geographic region averages. These comparisons provide a high-level snapshot of their fleets relative performance compared to other fleets in the area.

  • Measure Idle time vs Production Time. (Suppose the customer is loading trucks with an excavator and is experiencing high idle time. An investigation determines that there are not enough trucks on the site and the operator is sitting in the cab and waiting for trucks to empty and return so he can load again. A call to the truck provider for additional trucks will increase productivity.)
  • Measures fuel burn in comparison to same equipment in region. For the project manager or superintendent, it is helpful to compare how he is doing against his competition. This report will tell him where he stacks up in average fuel burn compared to other equipment working in similar environments. Adjustments through communication and or training can then be made to save money.
  • Targets underutilized assets. If the customer is managing multiple projects or even very large projects spanning many acres, keeping equipment operating is the priority. Vision link allows them to identify those assets that are underutilized allowing a reallocation of assets and keep the utilization where it needs to be.
  • Provides Historical Data for future jobs. The best laid plans somehow seem to go awry once the project has been awarded. Translating bid estimates to the job personnel is easier if our customer can accurately communicate what happened on previous projects and identify areas of improvement. Reductions in idle time, excessive fuel burn and scheduled maintenance will save money by optimizing uptime, lower operating cost, and maximize their resources.

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