Module 1 Maintenance and Health Management

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For companies large and small, running a business is becoming increasingly more difficult each year. Changing regulations, personnel and asset management, bidding and estimating projects, lower margins and tighter time lines are just a few of the challenges facing businesses today. Many are looking outside the walls of their own organizations to find ways to ease the burden and ultimately become more profitable. As a partner to our customers, it is in our best interest to be concerned with their bottom line and offer products and creative solutions that add value and lessen their work load. Cat® EMSolutions is a program designed to create sustainable value for our customers through technology and other dealer value-added solutions.

Over the next few weeks, we will discuss the six customer value drivers that are important to our customers and how the five levels of EM Solutions will meet their needs and add the value they are so desperately looking for. Each level builds upon the previous level and is completely scalable to meet the specific customer’s needs. We can now offer the perfect solution for everyone from do-it-myself to do-it-for-me customer segments.

Maintenance and Health Management

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Customer Value Driver #1:

Maintenance and health management

Typically equipment and employee expenses are the first and second largest operating expenses for any of our customers. Any seasoned equipment owner or operator could likely spend hours talking about the importance of a quality maintenance program and understanding the overall health or condition of his equipment. It is no longer acceptable to our customers to “run it till it breaks”. Advancements in Fluid analysis, on board computer monitoring and Vision Link access will allow our customers to not only schedule and complete maintenance functions on time, but also alert them to high- priority items and hopefully avoid major down time.

Maintenance and Health Management

EM Solutions Level 1


When the product link device is installed on a piece of equipment, a whole new world of opportunity emerges to remotely monitor the usage and condition of your equipment. With this device and the Vision Link reports, our customers can do the following just to name a few.

  • Know exactly where the equipment is and how it is being used.
  • Know how much fuel it is burning per hour.
  • Track operator performance and compare different shifts and operators with each other.
  • Measure running time against productivity.
  • Understand the equipment use to improve efficiency and assign equipment where it is needed most increasing utilization.
  • Effectively schedule and manage down time and maintenance intervals.
  • Integrate fluid analysis reports and know what is going on internally with the components.
  • Designate operation zones using boundaries and receive alerts when equipment moves in and out of these zones.
  • Gain a competitive advantage when bidding future projects using historical data.

As you can see, being able to remotely monitor your equipment will provide equipment specific data with very little employee interaction. Better information in less time equates to money saved.